Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thought for the day: Pole Dancing

As I was surfing the web today, I ran across a lovely little photo of the new Miss USA, embracing, yes, a stripper pole. It was at this time I wondered (say it with me, folks), "WHO dreamed THIS up?" Seriously, it had to be a man, right? (No offense, guys.) I just can't wrap my brain around HOW a pole ever became a prop for "exotic dancers".

Did it begin in a fire station, a place that just happens to have a pole in the middle of the room? And, if that is the case, what was a stripper doing there in the first place?

Maybe it started a long time ago in a seedy basement club that had concrete supports holding up the ceiling and the girls had to incorporate the beams into their acts for lack of room. (It's difficult to dance around a beam, you know?) And perhaps when the girls started to complain of chafed thighs, management stepped into action and, voila, poles replaced the beams! It could have happened that way, right? OOOK, probably not.

Well, what else could it be?

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